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Award Winning
Animated Short Film

“Function” is a 3D animated film produced by approximately twenty animation, visual effects and sound design students. The film follows the story of Blu, a recently activated robot, who goes on an adventure to discover his purpose of existence. Through trial and error, and a valuable discovery, Blu comes to realize that he too was designed for a specific reason and has a meaningful role to play. The film was produced utilizing multiple software programs for animation design, such as Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Nuke and After Effects.


Function is written and directed by Abby Spencer. The concept was green lit for production at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018. Over one-hundred ideas were pitched and only thirteen 3D films were selected.

early lighitng concept_2.png


During production all characters were rigged, seventy-two shots were animated, and all textures for characters, assets, and the environment were completed. An original soundtrack was produced.



During pre-production, all visual development and camera shots were solidified. Our team fully designed and modeled a cast of seven characters and over one-hundred and fifty assets.



During post-production our team rendered and composited six minutes and thirty seconds of footage, finished mixing sound effects, and completed the film.


Function was selected for SCAD's juried Senior Animation Showcase and won a

Red Dot Junior Award in 2020.

The Dream Team

This production would not have been possible without the talent and dedication every team member contributed to this project. It was an honor to work alongside and grow with everyone involved.

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